Go For Good



Go For Good (Spec)

In 2016, fun with Pokemon Go plagued the streets in every major city. Unfortunately, some kids were stuck in hospital beds only hearing about it. The following case study explains how we successfully solved this problem.

Two Gold ADDYs Awarded

Go For Good enabled children in hospitals to play Pokémon GO with the rest of the world, while maintaining the security of patient care.

This campaign was a huge success for the community. We had a blast playing Pokemon Go game with Cameron and his brother. It was awesome to see each of their faces light up as they played the game in areas that were miles away from Primary Children’s Hospital.

Cameron had lymphoma racing through his body that day. It was hard to watch his face, knowing that he was trying to digest his situation in between the filming and interviewing. You could tell he was really struggling to keep his head up as his sidekick brother was keeping him company and his parents were answering questions.

As newscasters were cramming into Cameron's small hospital room, the excitement of the game and the commotion of the interviews stole the attention away from what was really going on between Cameron and his parents.

Once the dust settled and the journalists left, we had a chance to talk to Cameron's parents candidly. They were so grateful for our efforts.

The clip below shows Cameron's father talking about how much Go For Good meant to him.





Sam Platt, Catharine Delong

Art Directors
Andrew Forrest, Micah Wilkes,
Scott Fransen

Scott James, David Pierce

Production Assistants
Sam Platt, Micah Wilkes

Creative Directors
Jeff Sheets, Pat Doyle

Primary Children's Hospital, Salt Lake City