Born in Salt Lake

Raised in St. George

Served in Winnipeg

Educated in Provo

Self-actualized (and currently golfing) in Los Angeles

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BYU Adlab (2014-2017)

The Adlab at Brigham Young University is arguably the best ad program in the country. While there, I worked on projects for Microsoft, Nike, Ralph Lauren, and various others brands and start-ups. During my senior year, we pitched ideas for the Kyrie 3's (Uncle Drew!), and Nike's basketball department LOVED them. We beat out five other top agencies on the West Coast and built a future for Nike’s 2nd most successful signature sneaker.

Deutsch LA (2017-2019)

Over the last 20+ months, I’ve worked on Taco Bell, Dr Pepper, Canada Dry, Mott’s, and just recently A&W Root Beer. My main focus has been on Canada Dry, as you’ve seen, helping them take bigger creative risks and positioning them to be a more millennial-minded brand. Our biggest goal has been to help them own relaxation in every way possible, even on Fortnite. More on that coming soon!



Curtis Petraglia, ACD Deutsch
Andrew Kong, ACD Deutsch
Kate DeMallie, Supervisor Deutsch
Travis Swingler, CD Deutsch
Ryan Lehr, ECD Deutsch